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Lavender Dream Sparta-Soak

Lavender Dream Sparta-Soak


here we have our lavender dream. no more having to count sheep at night as you are trying to fall asleep, a little soaking time with this formula and all your stress and aggravation will melt away. with a blast of eucalyptus you can breathe easy and the only thing you'll be counting is how many times you hit the snooze button in the morning.


2000mg of CBD, Pink Himalaya salt, Epson salt, Mango and Shea butter, Hemp seed oil with a splash of essential oils 


One of the most popular and versatile oils. Its light floral scent will make you feel at ease, peaceful and emotionally calm. Also helps eliminate insomnia which provides a restful night of sleep. 


its aroma supports overall respiratory health, soothes tired, sore muscles and assists with clear breathing. 

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