Yep....It's that time of year again where you get a little nervous with that special day approaching. Chocolate, strawberries, flowers, maybe a box of chocolates or strawberries dipped in chocolate, it's the same thing every year. Well this year be the social media hero.....SPARTA-CUPID is here!!! Give that special someone a chocolate/strawberry bath bomb!


Our CBD SPARTA-LOVE frothy bath bombs have a sweet aroma that will tickle   

that special someone's senses. With shea bubble bath and mango and shea butter their

skin will feel silky for days. Add the SPARTA-LOVE CBD rose delight massage candle

to give them the full experience in a whole new jazzed up way.....And hey

who knows, you my take your special day to a whole new level!!!

Ingredients: 1000mg CBD, baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, Corn starch, mica powder, kaolin clay, mango & shea butter, shea bubble bath, witch hazel. skin safe glitter.